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The Tikiri Group of Companies emerges as a dynamic and diversified holding, actively participating in an extensive array of business ventures that span diverse sectors and industries. Our operational philosophy is deeply rooted in an unwavering commitment to continuous growth and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Throughout our remarkable journey, our business portfolio has undergone strategic evolution, expanding to encompass a broad spectrum of fields that truly exemplify the versatility and adaptability at the core of our organizational ethos. This diversity is evident in our strategic engagement across various industries, including but not limited to healthcare, wellness, aviation, technology, construction, and more. The Tikiri Group's multifaceted presence not only highlights our ability to thrive in different domains but also significantly contributes to the vibrancy and dynamism of the broader business landscape.


The success of the Tikiri Group of Companies is rooted in its dynamic and diversified approach, actively engaging in a wide array of business ventures spanning various sectors. The company's operational philosophy is marked by an unwavering commitment to continuous growth and excellence, making substantial contributions to the vibrancy of the business landscape. The journey commenced with a single clinic in Victoria, and over time, it has transformed into a multifaceted enterprise with a presence in multiple industries. This evolution highlights the group's adaptability and strategic expansion, solidifying its pivotal role in contributing to the prosperity and economic growth of Australia.


The manifestation of this diversity is evident through our deliberate engagement in a wide spectrum of industries, including but not limited to healthcare, wellness, aviation, technology, construction, and beyond. Our proactive involvement highlights our adaptability and versatility in effectively navigating through various sectors, thereby making significant contributions to the creation of a dynamic and comprehensive business portfolio. As we adhere to our ongoing growth strategy, we remain steadfast in our commitment to extending and diversifying our existing business model, with a particular focus on providing analogous services within the Australian market. This strategic expansion aims to reinforce our presence and influence, solidifying our position as a key player in the industry.


Our Management Group is strategically charting a course towards the creation of cutting-edge wellness centers, designed to provide exemplary wellness treatments for individuals spanning Australia, Asia, and African countries. This forward-looking initiative reflects our dedicated commitment to expanding the reach of high-quality healthcare services on a global scale, fostering enhanced well-being and promoting a healthier world. Through these state-of-the-art facilities, we aim to make a significant impact on the international healthcare landscape, setting new benchmarks for excellence and accessibility in wellness treatments.

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Being 100% Australian-owned is a testament to our strong commitment to maintaining local ownership and upholding a distinct national identity. This not only reinforces our dedication to supporting Australian businesses and communities but also reflects our deep-rooted connection to the country's values and ethos. As a wholly Australian-owned entity, we take pride in contributing to the growth and prosperity of our nation while ensuring that our operations align with the interests and aspirations of the Australian people.

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The Clonbinane Forrest Monastery provides a tranquil sanctuary, offering a peaceful retreat for individuals seeking solace and mental well-being. Additionally, the monastery hosts meditation sessions led by a dedicated team of four monks, attracting over one hundred participants from around Victoria.


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Healthcare Group Management & Consulting Co - About

We are becoming one of the largest healthcare operator for Medical, Dental & Cosmetic Clinics in Australia.


Tikiri is becoming one of the largest healthcare operator for Medical, Dental & Cosmetic Clinics in Australia to provide quality management services and facilities for Healthcare companies in the world.


We have built brand new Medical, Dental & Cosmetic health Clinics in Victoria and expanding its existing business model to provide similar services in Australia.


Our Management Group is planning to build brand new wellness centres to provide best wellness treatments for patients in Australia, Asia and African countries.

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Tikiri’s partners and clients serve as the foundational pillars that underpin the strength and success of this thriving entity. Through collaborative and symbiotic relationships, Tikiri has cultivated a network of esteemed partners and loyal clients who contribute significantly to the company’s growth and prosperity. This interconnected ecosystem reflects Tikiri’s commitment to fostering enduring partnerships and delivering unparalleled value to its clients.


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In The Spirit Of Reconciliation, We Acknowledge The Traditional Custodians Of Country Throughout Australia And Their Connections To Land, Sea And Community. We Pay Our Respect To Their Elders Past And Present And Extend That Respect To All Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Peoples Today.
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